Sustainable Future Campaign

The Earth has suffered by the human behavior during the last 100 years ago; from that time green forest decreased due to cutting trees and deforest. Water has been polluted by humans. Also large numbers of aquatic organisms have been destroyed by pollution. Humans have been destroying agricultural lands and polluted food by using chemical synthesis products which destroyed this land and killed the natural microorganisms in the soil and polluted the groundwater. Unfortunately, politicians are talking too much without taking actions; that why we will not wait anyone to make a real change; we will start the first step by spreading awareness. We are showing inspiring examples, ideas, solutions related with different sustainable practices around the world. In addition and we are interviewing professors, experts, talented young people to inspire and motivate the people and show that there is a HOPE to make a Change

New documentary produced by PCSD in a collaboration with The Arab Initiative for Promoting Sustainability and the movie was filmed in Cairo, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Italy.
The documentary focused on the new sustainability applications in the area of sustainable development and specially renewable energy, Urban agriculture and how to make mosques more environmental friendly and also focused on the role of environmental policies to support and adopting this new applications in a high level to make a real change in the community

We are all powerful beyond imagine and we all have the power to make the real change in our community

Video Coverage for Climate change demonstration in London and interviewing many people from the local organizations that are working in sustainability and climate change.

How Scotland achieved the recent a new strategy to be relying on renewable energy as a main source of energy

Sustainable future – Egypt is a new documentary that was produced in Egypt, Denmark and Italy which focused on water issues and importance of sustainable water systems to reduce the impact of this problem on the future generations

Whats Sustainable Future Campaign

Sustainable Development and Project management

The importance of Green Project management in sustainable development

Arab society for promoting sustainability