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The Path Corporate for Sustainable Development

PCSD will create a strong platform and networking between the young generation and the experts to generate green solutions.

Our scope of work

Green Project Management 0%
Education 0%
Media and Awarness 0%
Networking 0%

The Founders

 Mohamed Khalil, CEO

Mohamed Khalil, CEO

 Omar Abdellatif, Executive Director

Omar Abdellatif, Executive Director

Karen Dawson

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Karen Dawson

Core Values

Our work products / services should be of the highest standard. Excel, using drive, initiative, and assuming professional responsibility.

We should provide services that are responsive to Clients’ evolving needs, meeting their expectations, committed to the community current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We value supporting each other professionally and personally. We value sharing the knowledge.

Our relationships and interaction with others should be based on the truth and the highest ethical standards

We value disciplined thoughts, work ethic, and action. Persist and continuously follow up to achieve objectives.

We value our peoples’ ideas, culture, vies, and their knowledge. Demonstrate respect for clients, colleagues, associates, competitors and the public