is a unique platform to promote for new sustainability
practices around the Arab Region


"The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin.
If we cannot sustain the environment we can't sustain ourselves"

Wangari Maathai

Many of our developments are planned in a way that encourages or supports community, environmental sustainability and Green Project Management

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Think globally, Act locally

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Our Mission

  • Mission

    To create a strong platform and networking between the young generation and the experts to reach green solutions to our problems and to encourage them thinking and working in a profoundly different way for the future and offer successful life models of Sustainable Development from all over the world
  • Dedication to Excellence

    Our work products / services should be of the highest standard. Excel, using drive, initiative, and assuming professional responsibility.

  • Commitment

    We should provide services that are responsive to Clients’ evolving needs, meeting their expectations, committed to the community current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

  • Team Work

    We value supporting each other professionally and personally. We value sharing the knowledge.
    Honesty and Integrity: Our relationships and interaction with others should be based on the truth and the highest ethical standards

  • Discipline

    We value disciplined thoughts, work ethic, and action. Persist and continuously follow up to achieve objectives.

Latest News


Step one kindergarten working on developing more innovative activities for the kids and just finalized a the first Project management course for the kids in the kindergarten and this is a unique step to prepare future leader

Finally our new documentary “The Step” is ready and it was filmed in Cairo, London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Italy. The documentary focused on the new sustainability applications in the area of sustainable development and specially renewable energy, Urban agriculture and how to make mosques more environmental friendly and also focused on the role of environmental policies to support and adopting this new applications in a high level to make a real change in the community

PCSD will organize a new Project management Professional training to help professionals and academic to be PMP Certified


Management 78%
Innovation 73%
Awarness 92%
Capacity building 88%
Support 78%